Monday, May 3, 2010

le chat noir

On Friday I printed an edition of 18 of the little hypnotic cat. I decided to call him "Le Chat Noir" (The Black Cat). I think his shadow has a mind of its own. I'd like to write a short story/poem to put on the back of each print, but that will have to wait another week or two, after Finals Insanity has ended.

As you can see, I ended up rounding the corners, and I'm happy with how it turned out! I think some of the subtlety in the spitbite wore out (in the sky/horizon), or the blankets/pressure on the press weren't quite right. Regardless, I'm happy with it and it was nice to see that all 18 prints ended up being edition-worthy.

Proper scan coming soon, along with lots of exciting color proofs of my other kitty-print (still in need of a title--suggestions welcome).

Edit 5/4

Here's a scan of "Le Chat Noir"! Lucky 13 :)



  2. I love the print! You sure were busy! Don't stare into the cat's eyes unless you want to become its slave. Its too late for me! It reminds me of a symbolic ancient drawing that would baffle modern man! Good work. You deserve to sell them all. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to get rid of the little eye in the corner that appears on the plate in the blog post on April 18th? Was that just there for fun?

  3. The little eye in the corner had my initials in it and was supposed to be like a little signature type thing. Problem: I did it backwards (correct on the plate, but everything prints backwards). It looked pretty silly and I really only put it there to take up some space in that corner because it was so empty. I think the corners look nicer this way.

  4. I agree. The corners, or lack-there-of, work great in this print. Too bad you didn't have that little identifier in the corner though.