Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Color Proofs

Last week I did a few color proofs for my multi-plate color print! For these prints, the first plate carried two colors, and the second plate carried one color. The letters at the top of the first plate were inked à la poupée.

(AHHH bad registration)

I love the vibrancy of the third one, and those are the final colors I'll be using. Today I made another proof using the same colors, this time adding more magenta to other areas of the plate by inking both the letters and the chair à la poupée. I also printed it on cream-colored paper, so I'll compare it to the other proofs tomorrow and see if I like that better. Tomorrow I'm planning to do at least one more color proof to experiment with the magenta poupée a bit more, then I'll print the edition!

Also, here's a monotype I did a few weeks ago. This was sort of my concept for the final project, but it's completely different now. I think I've determined that monotype isn't really my "thing" but I'm still pressing forward and working to make my final project as nice as possible.


  1. I like the vibrancy of the last one too. I like the wavy "smoky" lines in the image, like the cat has been smoking in that room for a while. Its not even drawn but when I look at this piece of art I imagine there to be a fireplace somewhere in that room. Maybe the cat is facing it... staring into the pit and plotting something evil... knowing that if he gets up the chair will run away. He caught the chair put its boots on, preparing to bolt. Great work as usual, love!

  2. The cat one is amazing. I particularily like the first and second, especially the second. It's a classy vintage feel with those dark purple tones :D

  3. Yeah, that one is my second favorite! If I have any extra time (unlikely, but possible), I will probably print a few in those colors.