Monday, August 2, 2010

Yudu Test

Trying out the Yudu! The enclosed exposure unit is really cool. I cut out a simple stencil to test it.

[Insert missing steps here]

And here's the print.

Overall, it was easier to use than I expected, given all the negative reviews online. The emulsion sheet adhered to the screen well, although the fan took quite a while to dry the emulsified screen. I wasn't in a hurry so I just left the fan on for a few cycles, but a hair dryer would probably get the job done faster. The 8 minute timer was perfect for exposing the screen and the unexposed areas washed out easily. Since the screens are flat, they're easy to tape off and clean, which I really appreciated. I used regular Speedball ink rather than the Yudu ink and it worked fine. In the future I'll probably add some extender or just be more generous with the amount of ink I use. The print itself turned out really crisp and beautiful.

So, the Yudu is a pretty cool device. Can't wait to use it for some real prints, now that I've done this little test! Many t-shirts to come.