Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Final Cat Prints

Still missing an epic title. Another project I should add to my previously posted to-do list is coming up with a title for this piece! I also still want to write a simple story in French to go along with the print. I mean...look at him...he's begging to have his snooty story told.

Edition of 5

Edition of 2

Yay! I'm happy with it and would like to try more multi-plate color work in the future.

Also, thanks to my best buddy Sara King I've discovered the magic of deviantart's portfolio feature. My page is kind of blah right now but I'm going to work on making it into a nice little portfolio: penelopeyocum.daportfolio.com.
I definitely want to make an image to replace to generic "Welcome" thing on the main page.

Oh and...I'm graduating tomorrow! I don't actually feel terribly excited but maybe it'll suddenly hit me tomorrow when I wake up. Or when I'm listening to the commencement speaker. Or when I'm walking up to get my diploma. Hopefully it'll sink in at one of those points.


  1. I like the second photo better for some reason. Maybe it is a little more flat and I like it for that reason. EVERYONE should go check out Penelope's portfolio on DA. NOW!

    It may not hit you that you have graduated until the day after. That's when you'll wake up and there is nothing else left to do regarding school. You'll sit back and go... I'm awesome! And then do more prints.

  2. Hey Penelope thanks for the kind words! I love ur cats and your palette :) keep up the good work. Enjoy those tiny dogs!