Friday, February 12, 2010

Trace Monotypes

Yesterday in Monotype we did our first trace monotypes.

Here's how it works:
1. Using a soft rubber brayer, roll etching ink onto the plate (copper, zinc, plexi-glass, or what ever surface you're using).
2. Gently place a piece of drawing paper over the inked plate.
3. Draw on the paper using any tools you choose, or even just apply pressure with your fingers.
4. The marks you make on the back of the paper will show up on the other side that was in contact with the inked plate.
5. You can now run the plate through the press to create a negative image of the one you drew (since ink was removed from the plate where you drew/applied pressure).

Here are some examples of the print-drawings I made. The negative images that were printed using the press aren't included here, only the positive images. Unfortunately many of my prints turned out very dark, so most of them aren't really worth posting.

This one is silly.

(These were all made on the same plate and are pretty small--about 5 inches square)

Lots of loose, quick drawings. I'm trying not to be a perfectionist in this class.


  1. aww the rooster! :D i love the lil chicks sounds like funnn :3

  2. I like the looseness, it's more organic you have a good way of drawing loose images that don't seem over worked or intentionally drawn to look loose. It's a good skill to have. How are you with thumbnail sketches?